The OPEN starts Thursday, February 25th! There will be OPEN GYM on Thursdays from 5:00-6:45pm and then we will watch the announcement at 7:00pm and perform the workout together immediately after. This will run every Thursday from Feb 25th through March 24th. Come to participate or watch!

Chickasha CrossFit – Fitness


3 Rounds:

10 Single Arm Row @ 2011

30 Forward Arm Circle

30 Backward Arm circle

1 Minute Hollow Hold


Breakdown of the Kip for the pullup.

Low Ring Muscle up Progression.


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

Tabata Row

Tabata KB Swings 1.5/1

A Tabata is a style of interval workout that consists of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You complete that interval 8 times. Your score is the lowest number achieved out of all 8 intervals.

You repeat this for as many movements as you want.

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